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Rua Gil Eanes
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PropertiesAdmin - Channel Manager

Send updates in real time

When a guest makes a booking on your website, we send updated availability to OTAs instantly*.

This is how our channel management works:

Let's say your're a B&B and you have 2 double rooms. The inventory in the system is set to 2. This inventory gets exported to the booking channels and your website. Both your website and the booking channels can now sell 2 rooms. If you get a 

booking on your website, the system automatically reduces the inventory to 1 room and this information is instantly sent to the booking channels.


It also works the other way around. If you get another booking from a booking channel, this information also gets sent to the system and the inventory is reduced to 0 rooms. Now your rooms are fully booked and both your website and the booking channels will show no availability.


*Two-way XML connections with, Expedia, Agoda, Hostelworld and many more leading OTAs export prices and inventory and import bookings instantly.


The Ical sync updates all calendars that support the widely used Ical format, including Google calendar, outlook and many rental portals.


Pooled inventory

Pooled inventory means that every channel has access to all of your rooms or beds. Once a room or bed is booked, your total inventory will decrease to prevent overbookings.

 Connected distribution channels (OTAs)

Growing all the time. 

Channel manager

Two-way XML connections with leading OTAs. Export inventory and prices and import bookings instantly. Keep calendars up to date using the Ical sync.


Online payments

Connections to payment gateways allow you to accept credit card or Paypal payments from guests. You can also securely collect credit card details and charge the card in-house.


Commission free bookings

Give your guests a fast and easy 2-click booking experience. The booking page is secure, fully customisable and mobile-friendly.


Hundreds of integrations with premium apps and services guarantee seamless workflows.

Multiple properties

Agency functions, multiple logins and sub accounts to manage and sell multiple properties.


Automatically send customised personal emails to guests. Automate email triggers.

Flexible rate and discount options

Propertiesadmin can handle the most complex rate structures.

Yield management

Adjust prices automatically based on availability and time before check-in to maximise revenue across all booking channels.

Google Hotel Ads

Direct bookings from Google from 6% commission.

Bookings from TripAdvisor

As a certified TripConnect premium partner, enables you to accept bookings directly from TripAdvisor.

Facebook app

Facebook app to accept commission-free online bookings directly from your Facebook page.


Automatically collect reviews from TripAdvisor.

Booking widgets

Choose from a variety of booking widgets and availability calendars. Click here to see examples.

Add ons

Upsell add-ons such as optional meals, full board, bicycle hire and parking. Add compulsory charges such as cleaning fees and taxes.

Promo codes

Use promotional and discount codes to say "thank you" or attract new guests with promotional offers.


Offer additional special prices, for example a discounted non-refundable rate.

Rules and restrictions

Receive instant bookings or booking requests. Set minimum and maximum stays. Apply special rules for certain periods and seasons.


Let your guests book in their own language. Over 20 languages are already supported.

Reports & analytics

Generate standard and customised reports. Track the origin of bookings.


Calculate charges automatically and generate customised invoices.

Guest registration

Auto generate and print out guest registration forms.

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop bookings.


Automatically receive notifications whenever there is a new booking.


Manage cleaning and housekeeping.

Guest management

Store your guest information in one place.

Room management

Front-desk management functions include room assignment and room management.


Customise the look of your online booking form, emails, invoices and settings.

Cloud based

Access anywhere at anytime from any computer or mobile with an internet connection. No need to install software or run updates.


The 256bit SSL encryption transmits all data safely. Regular backups ensure your data will always be secure.

Free support

Propertiesadmin  is designed as a self-service system. If you need help, we will be happy to assist you.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them.

Rua Gil Eanes
Telephone: 00351 962 313 968